Monday, February 04, 2013

Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
The Tolkien Calendars ~ 1976-78


Dave Brasgalla said...

They're all obviously so wonderful, but the '77 calendar is it for me - a huge touchstone and inspiration for the early period of my artistic labours.

Somewhere there may still exist a really awkward and embarrassing attempt to recreate the Smaug painting with acrylics on a canvas panel... with my name on it. Youth!

On that note, so many years later, I think my favourite is now Ghân-buri-Ghân. It's just glorious in a way that I simply didn't understand at age 14.

Thanks so much, Mr. Door Tree!

ToB said...

You made my day! :) Thank you. I reblogged a few and linked back to you. Nostalgia for my youth when these calendars hung on my bedroom wall, year after year.