Tuesday, February 26, 2013

#2 & #3 ~ 1970-71
Art by Kenneth Smith, Steve Hickman,
Berni Wrightson, Tom Sutton,
Frank Brunner & Gray Morrow

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Alec Stevens said...

I used to own IBD #2 and it had a different (black & white) cover. Perhaps there were different pressings?

Funny how Steve Hickman's "Nest Egg" story has a deleted image on the title page with the words "Uncle Creepy" barely legible beneath it. I suppose Jim Warren rejected the story, and it ended up in this fanzine.

Wrightson's "Out on a Limb" story was originally slated for WEB OF HORROR #4, but the magazine folded overnight. It was also reprinted in a Wrightson comics treasury called THE MUTANTS in the early '80s.